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Welcome to LogiSeeker, The Global Logistics Directory


Since 2009, LogiSeeker has been assisting in the global Logistics and Supply Chain industry research. Our website provides enormous free resources that are not just available for the Logistics and Supply Chain professionals but also targeted towards purchasing managers and all those interested in the logistics world.

Our directory is split into different categories such as Transportation, Warehousing, Distribution and so on. Quick links of all directories can be found on the top of each and every page.

Additionally, the results can also be filtered to allow you to go in much further depth in your research. The filters can be applied on the company level, country level, category level, sub-category level and the product level. The map integration provides the final support in locating the closest organisation that suits your requirements.

The fastest way to find a company in our directory is type the city name in the search box.

We also allow the network analysis of global organisations within the logistics and supply chain. This can be achieved by using filters.

If you work for a logistics organisation and you do not find your company details in our directory then why not to register. It is free and your organisation will appear in our directory in 10 different languages. The registration link can be found at the bottom of all pages under the title 'Register with Us'.