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How does a 3PL/Logistics/Warehousing, or for that matter a Transportation service provider, find new clients? How does a potential client find the right service provider? Additionally, with the global economy not doing that well, how does the service provider and service seeker achieve mutual gains? Is Big service provider better than a Small one or can Small have a stronger presence in certain regions/ areas where Big is far behind? How does the service seeker find those small Service providers? Service provider has the interest in increasing sales, while service seeker is constantly looking for good bargains.

The above questions are commonly faced by the Logistics world and that is what LogiSeeker is all about.

Launched in 2009, LogiSeeker Team addresses all the above questions and provides services within the fields that include but are not limited to,

  • Distribution Network analysis and Optimization
  • Optimized Warehousing Solutions
  • Transportation Network analysis and Optimization
  • Project Management and implementation services for WMS/TMS/WCS/ERP/Wall-2-Wall Automation
  • Assistance in Selection process of right WMS/TMS/WCS/ERP/Wall-2-Wall Automation organization
  • Logistics Research
  • Logistics Related Marketing and Advertising services ( )

For information, please contact us directly via or use the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the bottom of the page.